Friday, August 18, 2017

Leave your hate at the gate

Dear white nationalist groups,

We San Franciscans would like all to know that hate, weapons or any intent to incite violence is not welcome in our fair city. Please leave these items and ideologies at home or check them at the Golden Gate upon entering our city.

While you are visiting, I’d like to welcome you to skip attendance at any rally or organized meeting about white supremacy or that continues ideas of racism, hate or anti- religion/gender/group/anyone etc. Please don’t go there, but DO try one (or many) of these alternatives listed below and bring only your self, an open mind, and an open soul. 

Connect with your Higher Power (your God) and rediscover how small each of us are in relation to the world

  • Attend a service at Glide Memorial Methodist church. Be inspired by the sermon, the congregation, the famous choir and musicians, and perhaps shed a tear when you realize your soul needed a hug and this did the trick.
  • Head to Ocean Beach and sit on a sand dune. Look out at the Pacific Ocean and realize how vast the world is. You might see a migrating whale if you’re lucky. While you’re there, give back to nature by picking up and disposing of just a few trash items even if it wasn’t yours.
  • Attend a meditation class. They are plentiful here in the city of San Francisco. As you learn to meditate and breathe again, you may begin to clear your mind and gain some insight on the dark feelings and thoughts you have. This is the first step in letting your anger go.
  • Go to a planetarium show at the Academy of Sciences. After viewing one of these shows you will remember that each of us is just a microscopic dot in the fabric of the universe. Perhaps your hatred really isn’t so important in the larger scheme of things. 

Give to someone else

  • Volunteer for the homeless at a homeless shelter or a church. While there, take a moment to hear someone’s story and challenge your self to make someone smile who might be feeling down and alone.
  • Give up your seat on public transportation to an elderly, injured, disabled, pregnant person, or really anyone who looks like they would have their day brightened by this small act of kindness.
  • Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you at the local coffee shop. 

Explore San Francisco's diversity and maybe some exercise 

  • Climb up any one of our highest hills (we have plenty). Challenge yourself to make it to the top then once there take in the 360 view and just wonder how does this city make it work? (It's not perfect, but we’re proud of our efforts!)
  • Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. While you are taking in the views, marvel at how many different people from all over the world are sharing this experience with you.
  • Nourish yourself and eat tasty food from all over the world at one of our local restaurants. Try a cuisine you’ve never tried before! While enjoying your meal, look around and take in the local culture while you’re there. 
  • Bring an open mind and a willingness to be entertained by going to a drag show.
  • Head to Golden Gate park to find a swing dance class, join the roller skating group, a yoga class, rent a bike, or perhaps find a 5k run that is celebrating something while also being a fundraiser
  • Attend a love-in dance party counter event to any hate rally. Learn that love, actually, is all around us. 


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